Governor Sandoval Introduces Bold New Plan to Modernize Nevada


Mari St. Martin
(702) 250-8210
Carson City, NV - January 15, 2015

Governor Brian Sandoval today introduced a bold plan to modernize and improve every level of Nevada’s public education system and its revenue structure. Governor Sandoval proposed $882 million in new education spending and structural, meaningful reforms within our public education system.

“I believe we stand at the threshold of a new Nevada, but only if we take this opportunity to invest in our education system,” said Governor Sandoval. “We have relied on antiquated systems and half measures for too long, and our revenue structure no longer meets the needs of our growing and changing state. Tonight I submitted to the Legislature a plan that meets the reality of our time while also beginning to build the foundation that future generations deserve,” concluded Sandoval.

Proposed education reforms came through meaningful policy and structural changes, investment in effective programs, and increased competition and accountability. Sandoval increased funding for English Language Learners, students at risk, gifted and talented students, literacy programs, graduation and career readiness programs, and others. He recommended changes to school district geography, district governance, and called for the creation of Victory Schools and a statewide Achievement District to improve the State’s ability to assist struggling schools. He also called for collective bargaining reforms, and an increased focus on charter schools and opportunity scholarships to provide increased competition into the system.

The updated Business License Fee is the most broad-based, least complicated, and fairest way to increase education funding while maintaining Nevada’s place as one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. It is the best way to ensure that all Nevada businesses share in the investment in educating Nevada’s children, and it will allow for immediate revenue for the budget.

In addition to his modernization plan, Governor Sandoval also called for Nevada to take its place as a national leader. From renewable energy to economic development, cultural preservation to education, Sandoval outlined his vision for how Nevada leads in the years ahead and for generations to come.

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