Sandoval Statement on Virginia Health Care Lawsuit Ruling

"I am pleased with today's ruling in Virginia."


Mary-Sarah Kinner
Communications Director
RENO, NV - December 13, 2010

Governor-elect Brian Sandoval made the following statement today after a district court in Virginia issued a ruling in Virginia's lawsuit against the federal health care legislation. Judge Henry Hudson ruled the individual mandate to buy health insurance is unconstitutional because it "exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power." Sandoval said:

I am pleased with today's ruling in Virginia. As I've noted before, I see the constitutional question created by the health care bill as monumental in all future matters involving state's rights. Today's ruling provides support for the claim that the federal health care legislation is at least, in part, unconstitutional. I believe the constitutional questions involved in the federal health care legislation deserve a hearing by the United States Supreme Court.

"As a candidate, I supported Nevada joining the Florida lawsuit against the federal government and as Governor, I will continue the suit. I'm hopeful the Florida court will use the Virginia decision as legal precedent in its deliberations."


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