Governors Sandoval and Bush Tour Las Vegas Schools


Mary-Sarah Kinner
Communications Director
LAS VEGAS, NV - October 05, 2011

Governor Brian Sandoval joined former Florida Governor Jeb Bush today on tours of two Las Vegas schools. The Governors visited Southwest Career and Technical Academy and the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

“I am honored to have Jeb Bush join me on tours of Southwest Career and Tech and the Agassi College Preparatory Academy,” Governor Brian Sandoval said. “Working with Governor Bush, we have been able to accomplish much in the way of education reform for Nevada. I hope to continue working together to accomplish even more for our students.”

“Providing every student with a quality education is one of our greatest moral and economic challenges,” said Bush. “Governor Sandoval has made bold education reform a priority, which is critical for Nevada’s future success. Leaders must seize the opportunity to transform education for the 21st century.”

At Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Principal Felicia Nemcek lead the Governors and Clark County School District Superintendent Dwight Jones on a tour of the school while highlighting project-based learning activities that simulate real-world experiences meant to prepare students for the world of work, post-secondary training, or college life.

At Agassi Prep, the Governors toured the elementary, middle and high schools with the school founder, Andre Agassi. Since last year, Agassi Prep has added an additional 500 students to its roster.

Under the leadership of Governor Bush, Florida fundamentally changed the quality of education in the Sunshine State – shattering long-held myths, ending excuses for poor performance and challenging the status quo. As a result, more Florida students are reading and doing math on grade level, taking and passing rigorous courses and graduating from high school better prepared for college and careers.


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