Governor Sandoval Signs Executive Orders and Proclamation

Economic development, education and good government priorities


Mary-Sarah Kinner
Communications Director
CARSON CITY, NV - January 03, 2011

As his first orders of business this afternoon, Governor Brian Sandoval signed two executive orders and one proclamation focusing on his top priorities.

“I’ve been clear that my number one priority is economic development and freezing archaic and ineffective regulations until the end of this year will help promote business,” Governor Sandoval said. “As I said in my inaugural address today, our generation must commit to bringing Nevada’s economy, workforce and schools safely into this new reality in which we find ourselves.”

“I am encouraging families to read to their children so our children can excel in school and I’m signing an ethics policy so Nevadans can be sure their government is working for them. State government will be different and I am optimistic these orders will help put us on a new path.”

The first executive order, focusing on economic development, establishes a freeze on all proposed administrative regulations until January 1, 2012, with certain exceptions for regulations that affect public health, public safety and security, and regulations that are necessary in the pursuit of federal funds and certifications. The freeze applies only to those agencies, boards and commissions which fall within the governor’s purview. Sandoval said the freeze will help stabilize Nevada’s business climate and make it easier for firms to expand and create jobs.

In line with his emphasis on education, Sandoval signed a proclamation encouraging all Nevada families to dedicate time each evening reading with the children in their homes and urging Nevada’s State Department of Education, school districts, charter schools and private schools to develop a new common assessment that will gauge the reading proficiency of second graders before the end of the current school year so that the public, Nevada Legislature and Governor may better understand the steps necessary to ensure all students are proficient in reading by the end of the third grade. Sandoval has called for education reforms to ensure all students are reading at grade level.

The second executive order Sandoval signed today promotes good government. Sandoval’s order establishes ethics requirements for certain public officers and employees and prohibits a public officer or employee covered by the order from accepting a gift or other compensation, either directly or indirectly, that might be intended to influence or reward the individual in the performance of official business.


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