Welcome to the Homepage of the Nevada Patient Protection Commission

Governor Sisolak is pleased to announce the opportunity to submit applications for appointment to the Nevada Patient Protection Commission (PPC). The Commission was created by SB 544, a measure sponsored by the Governor and approved by the Nevada State Legislature in 2019. This body is dedicated to improving health care in Nevada through a systemic, comprehensive review of the state’s health care system and challenges and initiatives surrounding the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care statewide. The Commission is also charged with making informed recommendations to the Governor and Legislature designed to improve health care for all Nevadans.

    SB 544 details the full scope of responsibility and topics for review assigned to the Commission.

      Membership – a Collaborative Approach

      The Nevada Patient Protection Commission brings together representation from all sectors of health care and specifically includes the following:

      • Two (2) experts in patient advocacy;
      • Two (2) health care provider representatives;
      • Two (2) hospital representatives;
      • Two (2) health insurer representatives;
      • One (1) academic engaging in the study of health care policy or public health;
      • One (1) pharmaceutical representative, and;
      • One (1) representative of the general public.

      Members of the Commission must reflect the geographic diversity of the state. Please note that appointed members of the PPC will serve without compensation or per diem, however they are eligible for travel reimbursement.


        The Governor will appoint an Executive Director to provide administrative support for the Commission. More information on the qualifications and application process for this position will be posted through the Nevada Division of Human Resource Management when available.

          The Application Process for Membership on the Patient Protection Commission

          If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the Commission, please submit your application through the process set forth below and complete each step. Only applications that include all required documentation – as set forth in the steps below – will be considered. The deadline for submitting your application is August 30, 2019.

            Please direct any questions you have regarding the contents of this application or process to:

            Office of the Governor
            Boards & Commissions
            101 N. Carson Street
            Carson City, NV 89701
            (775) 684-5670

              NOTE: The biographical information from your application may be provided to the press upon your appointment

                DISCLAIMER: Your submittal of this application does not indicate that you have been selected or appointed. Accordingly, please be cautious of making statements to the effect until you have been specifically informed of your appointment. The Governor's Office will notify you of your appointment if you are qualified and selected.

                  Step 1: Complete the Application for Appointment to Position of Trust

                  Step 2: Additional Information that is REQUIRED

                  NOTE: The following is a manual process that is required:

                  • Authorization for Release of Personal Information form
                    • Download form
                    • Print downloaded form
                    • YOUR SIGNATURE and the SIGNATURE of a NOTARY is required

                  Step 3: Additional Information that is ONLY REQUIRED if you are a Lawyer

                  NOTE: The following is required ONLY if you are a Lawyer

                  • State Bar of Nevada Authorization for Release of Information
                    • Download form
                    • Print downloaded form
                    • YOUR SIGNATURE and the SIGNATURE of a NOTARY is required

                  Step 4: Email the following information

                  You must email the following information to support your application to boards@gov.nv.gov:

                  • Application for Release of Personal Information and Waiver
                  • State Bar of Nevada Authorization for Release of Information (if you are a lawyer)
                  • Your current resume
                  • Your biography or curriculum vitae to the Governor's office
                  • At least one letter of recommendation demonstrating your qualifications for appointment to the Patient Protection Commission

                    Additional Information

                      Ethical Standards Form - for appointees only.